Supporting Bangladesh to advance their NAP process


Status of assistance to Bangladesh for their NAP process:

  • Support provided from NAP-GSP to leverage finance for NAPs, NAP readiness proposal to the GCF prepared. NAP in focus: Lessons from Bangladesh publication prepared in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh;
  • With support from Norway, a National NAP road map has been produced by a team of national experts in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and UNDP. Bangladesh has subsequently applied for LDCF funding through UNDP support to facilitate the implementation of this road map. The GSP provided a review for this road-map.¬†
  • Delegates from Bangladesh attended the NAP-GSP Regional Training Workshop for Asian LDCs in February 2014 - in which a NAP timeline schedule was formulated by the Bangladesh country team (view below).
  • The ECCA programme is Bangladesh is potentially an important building block for NAP and so is the work for mainstreaming environment and climate in national processes through PEI including the CPEIR.

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