Supporting Benin to advance their NAP Process


Status of assistance to Benin for their NAP process:

A NAP-GSP publication 'NAP in focus: Lessons from Benin' has been prepared in collaboration with the Government of Benin.

Benin has received support for their NAP process, as part of a UNDP mission to move their NAP process forward and launch the GCF Readiness Programme.
An Inception Workshop for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Programme in Benin took place in March 2016 with over 70 participants. It was led by the Minister in charge of Climate Change, Mr.Theophilus C. Worou, and the Director General of Climate Change, Mr. Ibila Djibril. The workshop was also supported by UNDP, UN Environment and NAP-GSP.
The UNDP team also held several consultations in Benin with government organizations and international partners to develop a work plan to execute NAP-related components in the GCF Readiness Programme. 
A Government delegation from Benin attended the NAP-GSP / PAG-PNA Africa Regional Training Workshop in April 2014. A mission to Benin was conducted in October 2013 by UN Environment, in which NAP support was discussed.

NAP in focus: Lessons from Benin


Benin is experiencing significant climate change impacts in the agriculture and forestry sectors, which are expected to be compounded by a potential rise in temperature and rainfall, as well as rising sea level, in this coastal least developed nation in west Africa.

Programme Meetings and Workshops

NAP - experiences in climate change adaptation planning / PNA - expérience en adaptation au changement climatique

Presentation by the Government of Benin at the NAP-GSP / PAG-PNA Africa Regional Training Workshop in April 2014 / Présenté par la délégation du gouvernement du Bénin à la Atelier régional de formation en Afrique Organisé par le PAG-PNA - Addis Abeba, Ethiopie, 21-24 avril 2014.

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