Thematic Area #2


UNDP is scaling up climate resilient livelihoods and risk management by supporting countries to advance sustainable economic development in rural areas, provide improved climate information and early warning systems, and promote the sharing of climate-smart tools, training and techniques.

Supported Programmes

Economic Diversification

UNDP is helping to eradicate extreme poverty, through economic transformation towards sustainable development.

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Climate Resilient Technologies

Adaptation will require more resilient infrastructure, more climate-resilient technologies, and new agricultural practices to counter the increased climate risks. Improving access to energy in underserved areas and using low-emission technologies can address the development needs of vulnerable populations while promoting a transition to green, low-emission and climate resilient development.

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Climate Resilient Social Protection

UNDP places an emphasis on transforming productive livelihoods as well protecting, and adapting to changing climate conditions rather than simply reinforcing coping mechanisms.

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Risk Transfer and Insurance

Protecting the most vulnerable people through access to insurance and transferal of risk.

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