COP 21 SIDE EVENT: National Adaptation Plans

Changing the way we work and benchmarking success

  • Location: Conference Centre - Blue Zone - Delegations Area - Hall 3 - Pavilion 7
4 Dec 2015, Paris:  As climate threats magnify development challenges, institutions will have to develop their adaptation planning and risk management capabilities.
This COP 21 side event on NAPs aims to explore through panel discussion how countries are utilizing the NAP process to incorporate and manage climate risks particularly to promote resilient agriculture and safeguard livelihoods.
Questions raised during discussions will include:
  1. What does a government's organization, capacity, planning and budgeting process look like once climate adaptation has been mainstreamed?
  2. What are the benchmarks of success?
  3. Will the changes required vary from country to country?
  4. How can donors better support these efforts?
The starting point of the session is to draw upon on the work that countries are already doing and identify practices and tools that can be scaled up to make the chances of success higher. The panel discussion will draw upon examples from agriculture as a key climate sensitive sector affecting production, food security and nutrition.
This event is organised by UNDP-UNEP NAP-GSP in collaboration with FAO and the Global Water Partnership.
Coffee and tea will be served before the event.