Global Environment Facility - Special Climate Change Fund

The Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) was established to support adaptation and technology transfer in all developing country parties to the UNFCCC. The SCCF supports both long-term and short-term adaptation activities in water resources management, land management, agriculture, health,  infrastructure development, fragile ecosystems, including mountainous ecosystems, and integrated coastal zone management.



Here are a few examples of the UNDP-GEF supported LDCF projects currently under implementation around the world:


The Adapting to Climate Change through Effective Water Governance in Ecuador project is increasing adaptive capacities of water resource management in the agriculture and the energy sector through sound water governance arrangements, information management and flexible financial mechanisms to promote local innovation towards sustainable water management.


Photo: UNDP Ecuador


The SCCF project in the Philippines will Scale up Risk Transfer Mechanisms for Climate Vulnerable Farming Communities. This project aims to reduce poverty through strengthening the resilience of vulnerable farming communities to climate risks in the North of Mindanao, including measures to promote greater productivity, sustainability and increased certainty. The project will deliver this objective through reducing vulnerability in development sectors and strengthening awareness and ownership of adaptation and climate risk reduction processes at local levels.


Photo: ILO-DOLE-DTI, CCA Project, UNDP Philippines

The Mozambique Coping with Drought and Climate Change project will reduce drought vulnerability in farming and pastoral communities by guaranteeing water supply and through training the local communities to grow drought-resistant crops, like sweet potato, cassava or sorghum.


Photo: UNDP Mozambique