Building National Capacity to Prepare Projects on Climate Change Adaptation

Last Updated: 27 Jun 2020

Training Seminar on Developing Skills to Build Bankable Climate Change Adaptation Projects

January 16-20, 2017. Bangkok

Overview and Objectives of Training

This workshop aims to develop skills among project proponents that are essential for engaging in or supervising the preparation of a bankable climate change adaptation projects. Skills developed during the workshop will allow participants to effectively address the most important adaptation needs while attending to the goals and requirements of specific financiers.  These skills include:

  • Prioritizing adaptation needs according to environmental and socio-economic criteria
  • Identifying financing sources and their requirements
  • Understanding and complying with fiduciary requirements of financiers (e.g. procurement, financial management, economic and financial analysis, financial and operational sustainability, risk assessment and risk management)


The desired outcome of the workshop is to provide basic tools to help participants develop a “roadmap” to move from project concept to project design. Some of these initial documents can later be developed into full-fledged proposals to access suitable financing sources, including domestic and international options.

During the five-day conference, you will not have sufficient time to fully develop a project design document, rather you will be able to leverage the experience and expertise of the UNDP and the USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific project to develop a clear plan that outlines the steps, responsibility, and timeline for completing the project design document as well identifying where additional necessary support can be mobilized. At the same time, the workshop will familiarize participants with the basic concepts associated with blended finance and public-private partnerships to strengthen scaling-up and sustainability of the proposed concepts.  Skills developed in this course will enable participants to eventually develop proposals for larger funds, including the Adaptation Fund and the Green Climate Fund.


Asian Institute of Technology

Climate Change Asia

UNDP Climate Change Adaptation

USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific


Overview of sessions

Agenda and Concept Note


Session recordings and interviews coming soon.


PowerPoint Presentations

Understanding the Finanacial Landscape - Session 2 Managing Project Preparation for Climate Change Adaptation

Climate Change Processes and Impacts - Session 3 Managing Project Preparation for Climate Change Adaptation

Planning within Existing Frameworks - Session 4 Managing Project Preparation for Climate Change Adaptation

Understanding Basic Risk Management System - Session 5 Managing Project Preparation for Climate Change Adaptation

Understanding and Articulating the Problem - Session 6 Managing Project Preparation for Climate Change Adaptation


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