National Adaptation Plans at COP19 in Warsaw

DecisionsKey decisions were made on NAPs at COP19 in Warsaw in November 2013, endorcing the NAP-GSP and inviting further participation in the NAP process.

Side-events: NAPs featured in many side-events at COP19. See links and reports, film and photos from the events.

NAP-GSP meetings: NAP-GSP team held meetings to advance the NAPs process with at least 10 LDC delegations, and several non-LDC participants.

NAP Decisions agreed at COP19

National Adaptation Plans were the focus of decisions agreed at COP19. In a Decision Paper on NAPs, the COP emphasised that undertaking the national adaptation plan process is an investment for the future that will enable countries to assess and prioritize adaptation needs in a coherent and strategic manner. The COP also welcomed the technical guidelines for the national adaptation plan process, which will assist the least developed country Parties in undertaking their national adaptation plans. The COP also invited further participation in NAPs and welcomed the establishment of the national adaptation plan global support programme for the least developed countries for facilitating technical support to the least developed country Parties.

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NAP side events at COP19

Side-events on NAPs at COP19 held from 12-20 November 2013 included:

  • 'Advancing the NAP process' - GEF, GIZ, UNDP and UNEP
  • 'The Work of the Least Developed Country Expert Group (LEG) - UNFCCC
  • 'NAP Guidance Tool'- UNFCCC/ PROVIA
  • 'Agriculture in NAPs'- CIAT

> MORE - event reports, film clips and photos

The NAP-GSP team attending COP19 met with at least 10 LDC country delegations and several non-LDC delegations to promote and discuss NAP support in detail.