UNDP and the Green Climate Fund support Moldova for a better adaptation planning to climate change

Press release 

The Republic of Moldova will be able to better overcome the climate challenges thanks to an ambitious project of the United Nations Development Programme, funded by the Green Climate Fund, which was launched today, at a partners’ online event.

The project, to be carried out till 2024 and with a budget of US$2.1 million, is aiming to support an effective adaptation planning process. This will allow to better address the country’s climate change risks and target the most affected sectors, like transport, energy, water, forestry and health.

“At a time when the global community is dealing with the most severe health crisis the climate-related extreme weather events have broken all records in 2020 calling for an enhanced emphasis on adaptation while building forward better. I truly believe that this project will contribute in concrete terms to planning of adequate adaptation measures and budgets to reduce climate vulnerabilities of key sectors of our economy,” noted Andrea Cuzyova, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Moldova.

With support from UNDP, a national adaptation planning process is being rolled out in its second iteration, Moldova being the first country in the world to enhance its ambition.

“The Republic of Moldova is facing the impact of the climate change, which is causing devastating effects on economic sectors, especially in agriculture. This year, 60% of the volume of the crop has been affected by the hydrological drought. This is an enormous challenge for our country, since our resources and capacities are limited. Certainly, the national climate change adaptation planning of the Republic of Moldova represents a tool which is capitalizing new opportunities to reduce risks and increasing the resilience to climate change. In this regard, we further rely on efficient collaboration and constructive dialogue with development partners”, said Dorin Andros, State Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment.

Also, sectorial adaptation needs will be identified, and the respective policy frameworks will be adjusted to reduce the vulnerability to climate change impacts. Technology roadmaps for each key sector will be developed, this aiming at promoting climate-resilient technologies.

To ensure funds availability for the proposed measures, promotion of the climate budget tagging methodology will be continued, which consists of comprehensive data on climate change related expenditures supporting informed decision on climate expenditures.

Moreover, adaptation plans for three district towns will be developed to enhance rural resilience. Five investment project proposals will be developed and submitted to Green Climate Fund to enhance country’s access to climate finance.

This project is continuation of a preceding phase, which was implemented in 2013 - 2017, with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency.  

Moldova is among the countries most vulnerable to climate change, with an average annual economic loss of 2.13% GDP. Droughts, floods, and some time late spring frost  - all these frequent and intense extreme weather events affect key economic sectors. Further actions are needed to accelerate development of the national climate policies and the shift to low-carbon and climate resilient societies.

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Last Updated: 26 Nov 2020