Federated States of Micronesia P-CBA Country Page


1. Purpose Statement
"The Kosrae State Government is very interested to participate in the P-CBA initiative mostly to incorporate this framework into its Investment Development Plan and its Strategic Development Plan (2014-2023)."

2.  P-CBA Focal Points:
Mr. Simpson Abraham-Manager, PACC Project, FSM
Mr. Alik S. Isaac-Director, Department of  Administration and Finance, Kosrae State

3. Ministries and institutions involved:

Department of Administration and Finance;
Department of Education;
Department of Health Services;
Department of of Resources and Economic Affairs;
Department of Transportation;
DRR/CCA Office;
Kosrae Utility Authority

4. CBA Case Studies and Timeline:

Depending on the funding from development partners and priorities of Kosrae Government one or more CBAs of the following projects will be undertaken from Dec 2014 to June 2015.

  • Shoreline Management Plan: Residence building codes and possibly also the in-land road upgrade proposal;
  • The Omnibus and Compact infrastructure  Improvement Projects: Water Supplies Measures;

5. In-Country Training and Mentoring:

  • In-country training will focus on Module 1 “Overview of CBA”, Module 2 “The ABC of CBA”, Module 3 “The CBA Workplan” and Module 6 “Train the trainers”. To be conducted in November 2014.
  • Mentoring support: to be conducted by a resourced local economist or external consultants.

6. Sustainability Measures Proposed:

  • Internal: use the case study as a trial to integrate CBAs into Budget Review Committee before heading to the legislature for approval. Train the trainers Module.
  • External: Potential collaboration with USP, University of Hawaii or Guam for long-term technical backstopping and continuing capacity building.

7. Proposed Sources of funding:

PPCR Regional Track will cover the in-country trainings, the mentoring support and potential expenses to facilitate the integration of CBAs into government processes.

8. Additional Resources