Biodiversity Conservation and Watershed Management in Haiti


The project “Increasing the Resilience of Ecosystems and Vulnerable Communities through Biodiversity Conservation and Watershed Management in Haiti” (2015 - 2021) had the twin objectives of reducing communities' vulnerability to the effects of climate change, and conserving threatened coastal and marine biodiversity.

The project looked at spatially configuring watersheds and coastal areas in order to increase the resilience of ecosystems and vulnerable communities to climate change and anthropic threats.

Project details

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Thematic areas: 
Level of intervention: 
Key collaborators: 
Primary beneficiaries: 
Vulnerable communities of the coastal regions of Haiti
Implementing agencies and partnering organizations: 
Ministry of Environment, Government of Haiti
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Project status: 
Financing amount: 
$14,750,000 (As of June 2014)
Co-financing total: 
$14,750,000 (As of June 2014, )

Key results and outputs

The project has two main components with the following associated outputs –

  1. Increased resilience to climate threats in key watersheds and coastal ecosystems through an improved governance framework including policies, plans and decision making for ecosystem-based adaptation (Output 1.1); conservation and effective management of ecosystems to promote ecosystem based adaptation including the development of models for climate-resilient natural resource management (Output 1.2) and; assisted rehabilitation to recover ecosystem functionality (Output 1.3).
  2. Establishment and management of PAs in the marine and coastal zones of target watersheds through refined proposals for the PA estate in the MCZ (Output 2.1) and; strengthening instruments and capacities for the effective management of Pas (Output 2.2).


Programme meetings and workshops

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Monitoring and evaluation

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Lyes Ferroukhi
Regional Technical Advisor