Solomon Islands P-CBA Country Page


1. Purpose Statement
“Support key ministries to improve knowledge and know-how to conduct CBAs for development of projects. This will enhance the balance of economic and social benefits of the projects for the better of the citizens of Solomon Islands”.

2.  P-CBA Focal Points:
Mr. Tobais Bule - Chief Finance Officer, Ministry of Finance.

3. Ministries and institutions involved:

Ministry of Development Planning, Aid Coordination,
Ministry of Finance,
Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock
Ministry of Forestry and Research
Ministry of Environment, Disaster Management and Meteorology
Ministry of Rural Development

4. CBA Case Studies and Timeline:                                                                                                            

  • Food security project for the Choiseul Province to be conducted in collaboration with PACCSAP
  • Second case study (to be defined)

5. In-Country Training and Mentoring:
The in-Country trainings will focus on all the modules: Module 1 “Overview of a CBA” for senior officials, Module 2 “the ABC of CBA”, Module 3 “The CBA Workplan”, Module 4 “Communicate CBA”, Module 5”Environmental Valuation” and Module 6 “Train the trainers”.

6. Sustainability Measures Proposed:

  • Internal: Integrate CBA into MoF processes with the Economic reform unit responsible for their design.
  • External: Recurrent on-line short trainings on CBA from USP or other institutions to address high employee turnover.

7. Proposed Sources of funding:                                   
Source of funding need to be identified with regional development partners. Potential funding might be harnessed through the Adaptation Fund project for Solomon Islands.

8. Additional Resources