Mainstreaming Global Environment Commitments for Effective National Environmental Management in Suriname


Presently there is poor communication amongst ministries and the system for accounting towards meeting the commitments under the conventions is weak. Coupled with low levels of awareness, knowledge and skills among decision-makers, Suriname is struggling to effectively fulfill its obligations towards the 3 Rio Conventions. With the aim of creating a steady platform for effective and efficient political dialogue and cross-institutional alliances, this UNDP-supported, GEF Trust funded project, Mainstreaming Global Environment Commitments for Effective National Environmental Management in Suriname, will work to strengthen the national environmental management at all levels.

Project Details

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Level of Intervention: 
Key Collaborators: 
Primary Beneficiaries: 
Ministry of Labour, Technological Development and Environment, Government of Suriname
Implementing Agencies & Partnering Organizations: 
Ministry of Labour, Technological Developmen and Environment (ATM), Government of Suriname
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Project Status: 
Source of Funds Pipeline
Financing Amount: 
$1,078,000 (As of 29 August 2012, detailed in PIF)
Co-Financing Total: 
$900,000 (As of 29 August 2012, detailed in PIF)

Key Results and Outputs

The project has two main components with the following associated outcomes –

  1. Generation of access and use of information through  improved decision-support mechanisms and the development of an environmental information and knowlege platform by targetting the ability of institutions and stakeholders to manage information for better environmental planning and processes (Outcome 1.1) and ; increasing the ability of stakeholders to diagnose, understand and transform information into local actions (Outcome 1.2)
  2. Creating and enhancing capacities for management and implementation on convention guidelines including the strengthening of the existing structures and coordination mechanisms to institutionalize coordination across agencies and other relevant  actors  (Outcome 2.1); negotiations of financial commitments to finance the delivery of global environmental outcomes (Outcome 2.2) and; improve the effectiveness of institutions and enhance the functioning of the political, economic, and social system (Outcome 2.3).

Programme Meetings and Workshops

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Monitoring and Evaluation

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Tom Twining Ward
Regional Technical Advisor