Vanuatu P-CBA Country Page


1. Purpose Statement
“To institutionalize CBA into existing processes and functions, adding value and enhancing capacities in order to assist in decision making.”

2.  P-CBA Focal Points:
Malcolm Dalesa – CC/DRR Officer, Ministry of Climate Change;
Wenny Garaewoka – Budget Accountant, Ministry of Finance.

3. Ministries and institutions involved:

Ministry of Climate Change
Ministry of Finance and Economic Management
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination
Port Vila Municipal Council
Chamber of Commerce
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Fishery                                                                                                            

4. CBA Case Studies and Timeline:

  • Vanuatu Coastal Adaptation Project (V-CAP);
  • Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) project Vanuatu;
  • Climate Change/Disaster Risk Reduction policy.
  • Timeline: the first 2 projects will be assessed in collaboration with the PACCSAP project from March 2014-Jun 2014. The third case study is expected to be conducted after the in-country training starting from Oct-Dec 2014

5. In-Country Training and Mentoring:

  • The in-Country trainings will focus on all the modules: Module 1 “Overview of a CBA” for senior officials, Module 2 “the ABC of CBA”, Module 3 “The CBA Workplan”, Module 4 “Communicate CBA”, Module 5”Environmental Valuation” and Module 6 “Train the trainers”.
  • Timeline: April-June 2014

6. Sustainability Measures Proposed:

  • Internal: Including CBA as a requirement for project and policy submission templates. Develop CBA guidelines for existing project and policies. Incorporate CBA into EIA process. Train Climate and Civil Society Program Managers to integrate CBA into their program design and implementation.
  • External: recurrent CBA trainings for strategic planning and other officials. Establish inter-ministerial mailing and discussion group on CBAs and economic analysis of project and policies.

7. Proposed Sources of funding:                                   
PACCSAP will support the design of V-CAP and PACC CBAs. Additional funding for in-country training and the third case study could be harnessed from the V-CAP project or provided by development partners in the region.

8. Additional Resources