2011 Annual Report - Community-Based Adaptation Project


Annual Report for PIMS: 3508-Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change (GEF SPA-Global FSP), Year 2011

"Community based adaptation (CBA) is an important component in the GEF’s support to countries to manage and reduce the inevitable climate change impacts. Communities are often at the forefront of experiencing unprecedented climate change impacts but are the least able to overcome resultant effects of the impacts on their livelihoods and on the ecosystems which they rely on. UNDP GEF accessed resources from the Strategic Priority on Adaptation for the utilization of evidenced based climate change adaptation activities by the ten pilot countries. The execution of the projects is implemented through the GEF SGP mechanisms and infrastructure. UNOPS supports the execution process by providing administrative functions. Additional resources from bilateral sources (Japan, Switzerland, Australia, and in-country government support) to implement community projects that develop local capacities to plan for and manage long-term climate change pressures were also secured.

The overall CBA project is ensuring that the resources are flowing to communities for demonstration initiatives, testing and validating techniques and approaches on climate resilience activities and coping mechanisms as well as codifying and disseminating knowledge. Lessons coming out of the individual projects are being fed into many levels of analysis and decision making in pilot countries. These are further guiding national and sub-national level policy, strategies and plans that support and facilitate behavioral adjustments that are necessary to address possible future climate change."

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