Buying Time: A Users Manual for Building Resistance and Resilience to Climate Change in Natural Systems (WWF)


A vast array of scientific literature now makes it abundantly clear that the climate is changing and ecosystems are being affected by these changes. Much as awareness has been raised about invasive species, environmental contaminants, altered hydrology, and habitat fragmentation, conservation practitioners must now address cli- mate change. This manual, developed by the World Wildlife Federation, aims to assist natural resource and protected area managers as they begin to consider how to respond to this growing threat.


Chapter 1 Grasslands at a Crossroads: Protecting and Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change

Chapter 2 Forest Ecosystems Threatened by Climate Change: Promoting Long-term Forest Resilience

Chapter 3 Designing Strategies to Increase the Resilience of Alpine/Montane Systems to Climate Change

Chapter 4 Building Resilience in Arctic Ecosystems

Chapter 5 Designing Reserves to Sustain Temperate Marine Ecosystems in the Face of Global Climate Change

Chapter 6 Increasing the Resistance and Resilience of Tropical Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change

Chapter 7 Protecting Freshwater Ecosystems in the Face of Global Climate Change

Chapter 8 Ecological and Socio-economic Benefits of Protected Areas in Dealing with Climate Change

Chapter 9 Regional Biodiversity Impact Assessments for Climate Change: A Guide for Protected Area Managers