Democratic Republic of Congo National Progamme of Action (NAPA) Official Document - September 2006

The objective of the NAPA is to produce a list of priority actions that are urgent and immediate and that contribute to the efforts of adaptation of the country to the adverse effects of climate change and integrate it into the D.R.Cs development strategies. These will benefit from the support of interested donors since the country has very limited internal capacities of adaptation. The actions will also include human and institutional capacity building. 

The D.R.C.'s NAPA outlines primary objectives in three overarching areas: water, infrastructure, and agriculture. In terms of water resources, the priority is to ensure correct water supply to the populations of major urban centres such as Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Kananga. The water catchment, production and distribution infrastructure will therefore have to be rehabilitated and/or developed. In the agricultural area, the major challenge is for DRC to ensure food security in the long term despite changing weather conditions. 


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