Summary of Tanzania Inception Workshop - September 19th, 2012

The Tanzania Inception Workshop was held on September 19th 2012. The meeting was opened by Statements from the UNDP Country Director, Mr. Poinsot, followed by Dr. Emanuel Mpeta on behalf of the Director General of Tanzania Meteorological Agency and Dr. Julius Ningu, Director for Environment at the Vice President’s Office.

The opening statements emphasized the importance of early warning systems for ensuring food security and safety of local populations, as well as being a key tool in promoting adaptation in Tanzania. The UNDP Country Director stressed the need to ensure that the EWS uses the most innovative technologies, to promote more effective systems in the country. The Director of Environment stressed the importance of this project and highlighted the results of the recently held African Ministers of Environment Conference (AMCEN) in Arusha, which also stressed the importance of early warning systems for avoiding natural disasters. Dr. Emanuel Mpeta from TMA mentioned the need for this project to address the key gaps in current early warnings in collaboration with all ministries and sectors.

Read the attached document for the full report.