PowerPoint presentation on Technology Transfer for Climate Change Adaptation: Case Studies in Ethiopia, Colombia and Peru of Projects Supported by the GEF - 2012

This PowerPoint presentation by Laura Kuhl of the Fletcher School at Tufts University examines the challenges, progress, and project design of three ongoing projects funded by the GEF and supported international organizations including the UNDP.

The three projects reviewed are: (1) Ethiopia: Coping with Drought and Climate Change (UNDP) (GEF SCCF Fund), (2) Colombia: Integrated National Adaptation Plan (INAP) (World Bank, Conservation International) (GEF SPA Fund), and (3) Peru: Adaptation to the Impact of Rapid Glacier Retreat in the Tropical Andes Project (PRAA) (World Bank, CARE Peru) (GEF SCCF Fund).

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