UNDP-ALM Case study: Zimbabwe - December 2012

Abstract: Long known as the breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe has for the last 30 years experienced dramatic losses in agricultural production resulting in critical food and fuel shortages. Coupled with the economic and political constraints, drought and climate change are testing the limits of agricultural production in Zimbabwe. In rural Zimbabwe, and specifically in the pilot project area Chiredzi district, drought is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. With approximately 70% of Zimbabwe’s population deriving their livelihoods from subsistence agriculture and other rural activities, the most noticeable effects of these droughts are the devastating impacts on household food security and the livelihoods of the poor.  In response, and as part of a set of three other regional Coping with Drought and Climate Change (CwDCC) projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mozambique, this project is supporting effective adaptation among subsistence farmers in six locations in Chiredzi District.

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