UNDP-ALM Zambia Case Study (March 2011)

Abstract: Zambia has been experiencing adverse impacts of climate change - including an increase in frequency and severity of seasonal droughts, occasional dry spells, and increases in temperatures in valleys, flash floods and changes in the growing season. The effects of climate change, including drought, flooding, extreme temperatures and prolonged dry spells will negatively impact food and water security in Zambia and, ultimately, will affect the sustainability of rural livelihoods. In response to these impacts, Zambia is working to develop sustainable and appropriate programmes for both crops and livestock in the face of climate change. This project, Adaptation to the effects of drought and climate change in Agro-ecological Zone I and II in Zambia, is working to develop the adaptive capacity of subsistence farmers and rural communities.  These efforts are designed to increase the resilience of vulnerable communities to withstand climate change effects in the chosen agro-ecological regions in Zambia.

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