Scaling Up Climate Action to achieve the SDGs

In 2015, UNDP released its first infographic report that presented the breadth and depth of our support on climate change over the past two decades. That report emphasized successes and noted the opportunities that climate action presents for countries as they transition their economies towards zero-carbon and climate-resilient sustainable development.

This year, as countries begin to take concrete action to deliver on their national climate goals, we are pleased to release an updated report of UNDP’s climate change work. New, in this report, is a special focus on the linkages between climate change and sustainable development. Specifically, the report highlights the importance of climate action in delivering on the SDGs and provides examples of UNDP’s on-going work on the ground towards this end. The report also presents UNDP’s commitment to scale up climate change action in order to deliver on the ambitious agenda that countries agreed to in 2015.” – Magdy Martinez-Soliman