Pangani River Basin Woodlot Management Guidelines - January 2010

The tree planting program in Tanzania has been advocated for decades but adoption of these activities is not promising in most parts of the country. To the contrary, people in Makete district responded positively to tree planting due to unfavorable climatic conditions and poor soils that contributed to poor agricultural crop production. Also they already know the importance of trees as they contribute highly to the economy of individual households and to the District at large. Previously the income of people in Makete district depended on agricultural products such as maize, wheat, rice, round potatoes and pyrethrum but later due to climate variability and change crops production failed tremendously. This resulted in threatening food security and the wellbeing of rural people of Makete. Responding to this situation, local people of Makete district have established tree woodlots as an alternative source of household income. 

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