Educational Tour at Ile D’Ambre


In line with deliverables under the Adaptation Fund Project, it is intended to train the coastal communities on Climate Change Adaptation. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Reef Conservation and this Ministry on 09 September 2014 for joint implementation of this project.

An educational tour was held on 15 September 2014 at Ile D’Ambre with the objective to sensitise the coastal communities on mangroves ecosystem and explore potentials for eco-tourism activities and alternative livelihoods. Educational Tour at Ile D’Ambre

The educational tour started at 9h 00 hrs at Baie de Rosnay with the following participants; Mr B. Larroquette, UNDP Regional Technical Advisor, Ms M. Fourtune, UNDP Environment Programme Officer, 1 representative from the Ministry of Fisheries, 4 representatives from the MoESD, 5 members from Grand Sable Fishermen Association, 2 officers from the National Coast Guard and representatives of Reef Conservation and Yemaya Adventures. The members of Grand Sable Women Planters Farmers Entrepreneur Association presented their apologies as they could not attend the educational tour.

Sea Kayaking


The educational tour started with a sea kayaking trip from Baie de Rosnay to Ile D’Ambre. The participants had the opportunity to paddle at sea in kayaks through the mangroves. The crew was guided by representatives from Yemaya Adventures and scientific explanations on mangroves eco-system were provided by Reef Conservation.

After landing in the island, participants effected a walk through Ile d’Ambre and discovered the history as well as the ruins found in the island.

The above activities were captured by the documentary section of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation.


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