CBA Morocco - Amsing - EQUATOR PRIZE press release (French)

The Community-Based Adaptation project in Morocco “Land and Water protection, conservation farming and climate risk management to increase the resilience of the El Mouddaa High Altitude mountain ecosystem and reinforcement of the adaptive capacities of the local community, in the face of increasingly erratic and violent rainstorms and more and more frequent droughts” has been chosen as one of the winners of the 2012 Equator Prize (UNDP). The project was selected among 800 candidates for its remarkable demonstration of local development solutions for people, nature, and resilient communities. Press Release (French)   UNDP article (English)

This project is one of the UNDP’s local level adaptation work spearheaded through the UNDP Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) global project. The El Mouddaa initiative was prepared and implemented through a comprehensive participatory and inclusive approach, with the objective of strengthening the resiliency of the El Mouddaa community to address the impacts of climate change. The project fosters sustainable land and water management, resilient farming practices, and community early warning techniques, which help the local community better deal with current and future climate challenges.  The project is implemented by AMSING, the community-based organization (CBO) partner. Read more on the CBO partner.


Zahra Boussalem, Community member from El Mouddaa, Morocco

Her role: “I helped by irrigating plants, preparing food for workers, and transporting plants. I am basically open for all kind of work. I am excited by this project.”

Her view on impact of the CBA project: “Before, the sagiya was destroying fields and roads, and the ravine was destroying my own house. Once, my house, my door and my livestock were taken by the water flow. I am more secure. Thank you to everyone who helped with this project.”

Her view on the community’s, and the ecosystems’ resilience:  “The project preserved the village; we are all feeling more secure.”  More on Local Voices: interviews and photos


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