CBA Morocco - Zakoura - MASSOLIA article on partnership with Ministry

Rabat,Morocco: Ministry of Water and Forestry partners with NGO to extend services to CBA projects piloted in Morocco 


February 2012

The Moroccan High Commissioner on Water, Forestry and Desertification Control, Dr. Abdeladim Lhafi, and President of Fondation Zakoura Education, M.Ali Ababou, signed a convention of partnership regarding the Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) Project.   The CBA Project, supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and largely financed by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) has seven (7) projects in Morocco.  Fondation Zakoura Education, a national NGO, implements one of the CBA projects aimed at building the forest ecosystem’s resiliency and improving two communities’ capacities to adapt to the climate change impacts in the Province of Azilal.  Developed under the CBA Project framework, the partnership between the Ministry of Water and Fondation Zakoura Education support the project through their technical and scientific expertise, as well as through community empowerment for natural resource management. The Ministry will contribute to the dissemination and mainstreaming of lessons learned from the project, at sub-national and national level.  Read more 

The event was widely publicized in the Moroccan media, and thus, promoting the CBA project approach and giving it strong institutional visibility.  Examples of mediums of the coverage include: On the internet (MassoliaMaghreb Arab Press, Water & Forestry Ministry website, Azilal-on-line); On TV (Moroccan national TV “El Oula”); On newspaper (Le Soir - Echos); and through the radio (Chaîne Inter, Carrefour del’Actualité).