'Roll out of the Food Security Project Activities on Maiana Island' April 2018

A team from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource Development from the Fisheries Coastal Division based in Tanaea, visited Maiana from 20 – 29 April, 2018, to roll out activities under the Food Security Project, managed by MELAD, with fund support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and administered by UNDP. One official from the Fisheries Division conducted a training on Post-Harvest and value addition from Tebikerai to Bubutei. During the training participants were taught on how to preserve fish, other bivalve and clam in the bottle that could last 3 months, they also learned different recipes on how to cook different kinds of fish, such as bonefish ball, yellowfin tuna and smoked fish. The main idea for the training was to demonstrate climate resilient practices to enhance food security as climate change worsens and at the same time show sources of income from marine resources, in selling such value-added products besides cutting coconut copra.