Developing Policy-Relevant Capacity for Implementation of the Global Environmental Conventions in Jordan - Official Document (2008)

The project’s long-term goal is to develop the policy and legal frameworks in Jordan to strengthen compliance with Global Environmental conventions. The project objective is to develop policy-relevant capacities for the implementation of the three Rio Conventions. The project is adopting an approach for mainstreaming and capitalizing upon existing national initiatives already engaged in the application of policies and laws through applied research, which will therefore ensure that the continuity of any enforcement measures of policies and laws will be based on nationally tested and demonstrated systems and approaches

The project addresses the thematic NCSA reports, as well as the cross-cutting assessment which confirmed that the main cross-cutting capacity development priority issue is “linking research to policy development” in that the existing research capacities in environmental and natural sciences do not adequately address the global environmental management themes in the areas of biodiversity, desertification and climate change. To achieve this, the project will target key research and education institutions and develop necessary knowledge base by building on existing in-house capacities and will build upon existing policies and legal frameworks to ensure that the current national efforts for reforming and implementing these frameworks are enabled and strengthened to catalyze the required reforms. 

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