Piloting Natural Resource Valuation within Environmental Impact Assessments in Jamaica - Project Document (2007)

The objective of this project is to develop a set of natural resource valuation tools, and incorporate these into policies and procedures governing the preparation and use of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). The project will demonstrate the use of these techniques to improve the decision-making process concerning economic development projects that may potentially affect the environment. The project will employ a strategy of targeted capacity development activities to develop a set of natural resource valuation tools that are particular to the Jamaican context, and provide training on the use of these tools.

At the end of the project, the Government of Jamaica will be better able to make more informed decisions by placing greater value to ecosystem functions within the framework of environmental impact assessments of development projects. Specifically, the environmental impacts of all major development projects would be assessed in terms of their financial and economic values, which would be used to make more informed decisions and choices about future development.

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