UNDP Mali Project Document (March 2010)

Project Title: Enhancing Adaptive Capacity and Resilience to Climate Change in Mali’s Agriculture Sector

  • UNDAF Outcome(s): The most vulnerable rural zones are enjoying an improvement in their food security and are enjoying sustainable development, sustainable alternative energy services, and employment creation.
  • UNDP Strategic Plan Environment and Sustainable Development Primary Outcome:  The management of the environment by the private and public sectors, and in particular by local collectives are strengthened.
  • UNDP Strategic Plan Secondary Outcome: Mainstreaming environment and energy
  • Expected CP Outcome(s):  The state and the local collectives are better equipped to prevent and manage extreme events,
  • Expected CPAP Outputs: The capacities to manage natural resources and to fight against land degradation are strengthened.
  • Executing Entity/Implementing Partner: National Directorate of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Implementing Entity/Responsible Partners: United Nations Development Programme 

The Project Document, from March 2010, gives detailed information on the UNDP Mali project. The ProDoc includes a Situation Analysis, with the Global, National and Regional Context, Climate Change Context, Past and Ongoing Activities in the country, Related Donor Assistance, and a Barrier Analysis. Also included is the Project Strategy, Operational Approach, Results and Resources Framework, Budget and Annual Work Plan, Management Arrangements and Coordination Structures, the Monitoring Framework and Evaluation and the Legal Context.

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