Improving Smallholder Livelihoods in Tanzania (Final Report)

Summary: A study on improving smallholder livelihoods through woodlots management as an adaptation measure to climate change variability and change measure was conducted in Makete Districts, Tanzania. Tree planting programme in most part of the country has been advocated for decades but adoption to these activities still is not promising to most part of the country. In contrary, people in Makete do not need sensitization regarding tree planting. They already know the importance of trees as they contribute highly to the economy of individuals and to the District at large. Previously people in Makete Districts depended their income through agricultural products such as maize, white flour, potatoes and pareto. Later due to climate variability and change, the crops production fell tremendously. As a result food security and the wellbeing of rural people of Makete were threatened. Responding to this situation which is a consequence of climate change, local people of Makete District have established tree woodlots as an alternative source of household income. This is essentially a climate variability & change adaptation strategy.


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