Hazard Maps - Map project of Fongafale Island, Funafuti Atoll, Tuvalu


The map is fundamental tool for local resident and island management. Therefore the contents of the map should be updated latest information and not only the natural factors but also the
artificial factors should be included. In addition it is useful for considering the adaptation that the map includes additional information that indicates the present and future influences in some fields that will be caused by the sea-level rise. Fongafale Island, target site of the project, has the simple map of facilities and topographic characteristic and the bathymetric map. However there is no map that includes the island elevation and integrates some information. In addition, the digital dataset for periodic update of the map is not adjusted for easy use. Then, this project constructed the basic map and the applied map for adaptation on Fongafale Island of Funafuti Atoll, as well as the digital dataset based on the ArcGIS.

Refer to the document attached for full details.