Inception Report: Conduct a climate change risk and vulnerability assessment of agro-ecological zones of Nepal and appraising climate change adaptation measures in agriculture

The key overall objectives of the assignment are to:

  1. Identify and appraise adaptation options for agricultural practices in agro-ecological zones covering Dailekh, Bardiya and Mugu districts based on their incremental cost/benefits, taking into account climate change.
  2. Prioritize adaptation measures in agriculture to reduce climate risk and climate change-induced disaster risks, in the context of current agricultural practices and strategies as well as valuation of watershed ecosystem services.
  3. Prepare an Investment Framework for the prioritized, most viable agricultural adaptation options that are congruent to GCF investment criteria and Nepal National Adaptation Plan (NAP) priorities.  
  4. Strengthen capacities within MoAD, MoLD and local governments to make use of tools such as applied economic valuation of ecosystem support services and cost benefit analysis as a means to evaluate and prioritize agricultural CCA options.