Second Regional Training Workshop (30 Sep - 4 Oct 2013)

Applying Methods for Assessing the Costs & Benefits of Climate Change Adaptation

At the 1st regional training workshop held in March 2013, participants were provided an insight into different methods and data requirements for assessing the economic costs and benefits of adaptation. (See  As post regional training tasks, each ECCA Country Team was asked (a) to identify a project that could be assessed in terms of associated economic costs and benefits; and (b) undertake preparatory work to analyze the economic impacts of climate change impacts and adaptation in the agriculture and water sectors.  Several on-line Community of Practice discussions (June and September 2013) and daily interactions between the country team and a team of mentors, based in the region and at Yale University, have also taken place in order to support country teams with their 1st post-regional training tasks as well as to prepare everyone for this 2nd regional training.

At this 2nd regional training, each ECCA Country Team will be trained on conducting economic cost-benefit analysis.  Using both demonstration data as well as in-country data collected by Country Teams and based on methods introduced at the 1st regional training, ECCA Country Teams will be trained on how to apply analytical microeconomic techniques to assess the costs and benefits of adaptation.  The results of the analysis are aimed at supporting decision-making related to the assessment of alternative adaptation options.

The 3rd and 4th trainings next year will move from project analysis to sectoral analysis and will look into country-specific institutional development plans, within the context of ongoing and new initiatives, this analysis will be further presented to policy makers. 


Second Regional Training