Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Moldova´s Policy and Planning A simplified User´s Guide

Climate change is a potentially significant threat to global development, and
naturally to Moldova as well. Impacts to society, economy and environment
are complex, and require coordination across sectors and levels of
governance. While many foreseen impacts will bring about negative effects,
climate change can also generate opportunities, which can be harnessed with
good planning.

Mainstreaming climate change into Moldova´s development
process means integrating climate change considerations in decisionmaking
processes, in an informed way. This includes identifying risks
and opportunities from current climate conditions and trends as well as
projections for future, long-term climate.

While climate mainstreaming is often applied to projects, programs or other
specific activities in order to reduce risks and optimize preparedness for
climate impacts, a process sometimes referred to as “climate proofing”, this
Guide focuses on strategic development documents, such as Plans, Strategies
and Policies.