Gender and Climate Change Training Manual

This publication reponds to the needs of policy makers and climate change scientists to understand and address better the gender dimensions of climate change. It clarifies the linkages between gender and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The manual draws on existing in-house materials (research data, analyses and extracts from international frameworks) that have beeen adapted or expanded but also includes newly compiled case studies to illustrate the concepts in each module. It presents key conceptual and methodological advances in gender relations in the context of climate change.

The manual consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Gender and gender mainstreaming
  • Module 2: International law instruments as a framework for mainstreaming gender in climate change
  • Module 3: Overview of gender issues and climate change
  • Module 4: Gender mainstreaming in adaptation efforts
  • Module 5: Gender-sensitive strategies for mitigation actions
  • Module 6: Gender-sensitive strategies on technology development and transfer to support actions on mitigation and adaptation
  • Module 7: Gender mainstreaming in climate change financing mechanisms

The manual on Gender and Climate Change in English was produced by the Global Gender and Climate Change Alliance (GGCA). Please click here for the English version.