Project Management Training for GEF LDCF, SCCF and AF Project Teams

Asia and Pacific adaptation portfolio includes 31 ongoing projects with a total value of $139 million. Supporting Integrated Climate Change Strategies; advancing Cross-sectoral Climate Resilient Livelihoods and strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems are the main areas of intervention. The cumulative effect of the portfolio in the region can be substantial providing that the implementation pace and delivery can be maintained at expected UNDP standards. Monitoring the success of the projects, measuring and reporting the impacts, learning from the experience and communicating the lessons effectively remain are critical for showcasing the impact of these country led efforts, which will also make the case for additional finance. 

The planned meeting brings together the front line force of UNDP supported adaptation projects from Asia, Pacific, Arab States and Central Asia in order to present and discuss lessons learnt, with the aim of further strengthening the performance of these and future UNDP supported initiatives. It will also contribute towards building the skills of professionals from developing countries, many of whom are likely to play a critical role in the coming years as a variety of implementation modalities, including through direct access, becomes dominant.

All training material can be viewed and downloaded from here.

Video highlights can also be viewed here

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