Somalia and UNDP Launch New U.S.$10 Million Project for Pastoralist Communities

Somalia and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) today launched a new US$10 million climate adaptation project to help rural communities secure access to diminishing water supplies. More than 360,000 farmers and pastoralists are set to benefit from sustainable water management, expanded drought, and flood early-warning systems and more profitable livelihoods.

"With the onset of climate change, our country is facing more frequent droughts and floods. Those living in rural regions are particularly vulnerable," said Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Mahdi Mohammed Gulaid. "Under this new project, we will put in place the foundations for Somalia and its people to manage their precious water. This includes reforming national policies and systems; building knowledge and skills at the national, state and community level; and expanding climate-monitoring infrastructure and early-warning systems."

All Africa
Wednesday 13 November 2019