Project Details

Project Title Improving the resilience of vulnerable coastal communities to climate change related impacts in Viet Nam
Project Size GCF small (USD 10-≥50 million)
Project Coverage Country
Region Asia & Pacific
Country Viet Nam
Participating Countries Viet Nam
Result Areas Forestry and land use
Most vulnerable people and communities
Infrastructure and built environment
Ecosystems and ecosystem services
Project Status Funding proposal approved
Project Grant Amount (USD) 29,523,000.00
Project Duration (months) 60 
Project Start Date 11/07/2017
Project End Date 11/07/2022
GCF Focus Cross-cutting
Improving Resilience of Vulnerable Coastal Communities to Climate Change in Viet Nam
Project Documents
Environmental and Social Report Disclosure (Annex)

Feasibility Study (Annex)

NDA No-objection Letter (Annex)

GCF Funding Proposal

Confirmation letter or letter of commitment for co-financing (Annex)

Safeguards Framework (Annex)

Gender assessment and action plan (Annex)

Map indicating the location of the project/programme (Annex)

Timetable of project/programme implementation/Multi-Year Work Plan (Annex)

Project Timelines
  • GCF FP Submission (first)


  • GCF FP Submission (last)/awaiting GCF review/approval


  • GCF feedback/comments received on FP


  • GCF Board Approval


  • FAA Effectiveness/Project Start


  • Disbursement Request Submission


  • Actual Date of First Disbursement (from GCF)


  • Inception Workshop


  • Interim Evaluation Report


  • Project Completion