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La historia de Wenceslao: Cuidar el agua, mejorar la produccion agrícola, y mejores ingresos | 2016

Wenceslao is a corn and dry corn producer in Ojojona. He was one of the farmers who participated in a project financed by the Adaptation Fund and implemented by UNDP and MiAmbiente +. Wenceslao has seen how his production improved after adopting irrigation management techniques, seeds, cultivation techniques and basic aspects of micro-finance. He went from producing 2 quintals of dry corn per manzana to 10 quintals. And from producing small-sized corn and only one annual production, he now produces 20,000 large-sized corn and up to three annual productions.

MI COSTA JÚCARO | January 2023

1,300 km of coastline, 24 communities, and 1.3 million people will directly benefit from the GCF-funded 'Mi Costa' project. In protecting life on land and below the water, 11,427 ha of mangroves, 3,088 ha of swamp forest and 928 ha of grass swamp will be restored, which in turn will improve the health of 9,287 ha of seagrass beds and 134 km or coral reef crests.

Mi Costa Impactos | January 2023

Coastal municipalities and their respective settlements are also extremely vulnerable to climate change (CC) due to increased storms and rising sea levels, resulting in increased coastal flooding caused by extreme meteorological phenomena such as tropical cyclones, extratropical lows, and strong winds from surges. The 'Mi Costa' project will focus on actions along Cuba’s Southern Coast that has been selected due its high vulnerability to climate change.


Mi Costa Oficial | January 2023

The 'Mi Costa' project in Cuba will enhance adaptive capacity by holistically rehabilitating coastal land-seascapes, their interlinked ecosystems and hydrology. This will be achieved by rehabilitating ecosystem functions and connections within mangroves and swamp forests and reducing anthropic pressures to marine coastal ecosystems, thus enhancing the services supplied by integrated coastal ecosystems (particularly protection from saline flooding and erosion, and channelling freshwater to coastal areas and aquifers).

MiCosta Manzanillo Mangle | January 2023

The Green Climate Fund-financed project 'Coastal Resilience to Climate Change in Cuba through Ecosystem Based Adaptation (‘MI COSTA')’ responds to the coastal adaptation needs of Cuba due to climate-change related slow onset events such as sea level rise and flooding arising from extreme weather events. Impacts from these climate drivers are a matter of national security for the people of this small-island state and pose an existential threat to coastal settlements and communities.