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Raising women up: Women take the lead in community-based disaster risk reduction in Cambodia

When a disaster strikes, its impacts are not equal -- women, children, the elderly, migrants and the poor are frequently disproportionately affected.

Under the project ''Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems to Support Climate-Resilient Development' , UNDP Cambodia partnered with Action Aid Cambodia to increase gender equality in disaster risk reduction and early warning systems across Cambodia.

“Why is the Amazon on fire?” asks UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Gender Equality in Disaster Risk Management in Cambodia

“We know that around the world, the impacts of climate change and disasters disproportionally affect women and that rural women are particularly vulnerable...To build their resilience – and that of their communities at large – it’s critical they’re actively involved." While gender equality is improving in Cambodia – for example in primary and secondary education and maternal mortality – their representation in local and national decision-making remains limited.

National Adaptation Plans in Liberia - 2019 Annual Update

Reaching Resilience: Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Cambodia

In rural Cambodia, extreme weather events driven by climate change have taken lives and damaged livelihoods. Frequent floods and droughts threaten to tip subsistence farmers back into poverty.