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Human Development Indicators 2018

“Today, people, nations and economies are more connected than ever, and so are the global development issues we are facing. These issues span borders, straddle social, economic and environmental realms.

Climate 2020 - UNDP

'The defining threat of our time'

The New Climate Economy

The growth story of the 21st century can unlock unprecedented opportunities of a strong, sustainable, inclusive economy. The benefits of climate action are greater than ever before, while the costs of inaction continue to mount. It is time for a decisive shift to a new climate economy.

Early Warning Systems Toolkit

The new and improved Toolkit presents a compilation of guidance and operational documents in an online platform, which can act as an information resource for sector practitioners, policy and decision-makers’ access to information for developing and/or strengthening early warning systems (hydro-meteorological and coastal hazards) within the Caribbean context. 

Annual report 2017

As we continue this work, the world is facing a set of unprecedented challenges. A staggering 650 million people are living in extreme poverty — about 16% of them in fragile countries.

NAP Country-level Training Materials

In response to requests for National Adaptation Plan (NAP) support and capacity building in least developed and developing countries, a NAP country-level training has been designed by GIZ in collaboration with UNDP, UNITAR and UN Environment, under the umbrella of the NAP Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP).

This training package aims to provide general understanding to country teams on the conceptual approach of NAPs and the NAP technical guidelines, produced by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG).

Public Service 2030 – Making the Sustainable Development Goals Happen!

This book contains 17 stories of PublicService Excellence from around the globe.