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UNDP Links Weather Index Insurance to Microfinance to Combat Climate Change in Sudan | 2018

The UNDP-supported project, “Climate Risk Finance for Sustainable and Climate Resilient Rain-fed Farming and Pastoral Systems in Sudan” is introducing effective climate observation infrastructure to enable climate change resilient decision-making in local communities.

Improving Adaptive Capacity and Risk Management of Rural communities in Mongolia - Project Overview

Herder households make up one third of the population in Mongolia, approximately 160,000 households or 90 percent of the agriculture sector. Around 85 percent of all provincial economies in are agriculture-based. While herder households are the most exposed to climate risks, their scale and thus potential impact also means that tailored interventions can support transformational change towards more climate-informed and sustainable herder practices, benefitting the sector, the economy and the environment.  

Journalist training on responsible reporting on climate change and glacial lake outburst floods in KP under 'GLOF-II' Project | April 2023

Considering the implications of climate-induced disasters on human lives, reporting on climate change must be ethical. 

Life-saving Early Warning Systems (EWS) | April 2023

Funded by the Green Climate Fund, the Modernized Climate Information and Early Warning Systems (M-CLIMES) project is mandated to increase the resilience of rural livelihoods and their climate vulnerability through lifesaving modernized early warning systems (EWS) and climate information.

Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project (TCAP) mobilisation | December 2022

The Tuvalu Coastal Adaptation Project (TCAP) includes construction of a bunded foreshore reclamation, boat harbour and breakwater in Funafuti; construction of a 665m berm top barrier in Nanumaga; and beach renourishment works as well as construction of a 1,330m berm top barrier, 170m Seabee seawall and seven reef-top barriers in Nanumea.