What We Do

Supporting Integrated Climate Change Strategies

UNDP supports countries to formulate integrated climate change strategies, access climate finance mechanisms, and develop and strengthen the policies, institutions, capacities, knowledge and transformative change required to build a climate-resilient zero-carbon future.

Advancing Cross-Sectoral Climate Resilient Livelihoods

UNDP is scaling up climate resilient livelihoods and risk management by supporting countries to advance sustainable economic development in rural areas, provide improved climate information and early warning systems, and promote the sharing of climate-smart tools, training and techniques.

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

UNDP supports countries to preserve and restore natural ecosystems that can provide cost-effective protection against climate change threats. Ecosystem-based approaches to climate change support resilient livelihoods, protect food and water, and ensure healthier environments.

Fostering Resilience for Food Security

Droughts, floods, changing rainfall patterns and other extreme weather events put vulnerable communities at risk. With improved access to climate information, new technologies, and advanced land and water management techniques, vulnerable communities are receiving the tools they need to feed their families today, tomorrow and into the future.

Climate Resilient Integrated Water Resource and Coastal Management

UNDP supports countries to promote integrated, ecosystem-based, climate resilient management of the world’s rivers, lakes and oceans through improved governance, smarter resource management and continued environmental stewardship.

Promoting Climate Resilient Infrastructure and Energy

UNDP promotes climate resilient infrastructure and energy by making energy more environmentally sustainable, affordable and accessible, and by promoting climate-smart infrastructure.

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