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National Adaptation Plans - Country Projects

Advancing adaptation planning in Countries


Governance for Climate Adaptation
03 July 2024
As part of its support to the UN Secretary General led Adaptation Pipeline Accelerator (APA) initiative, UNDP is hosting the next knowledge exchange in this series on Thursday, 3 July at 14:00-15:30 CEST. The webinar will share experiences of two different countries’ adaptation policy cycle, including monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and a recently published guide for adaptation investors.  
NAP Expo 2024: Accelerating adaptation finance for NAP and NDC implementation
24 April 2024
UNDP, UNEP and NDC Partnership have organized a session at NAP Expo 2024 to facilitate a knowledge exchange among country representatives on emerging experiences in scaling adaptation finance for NAP and NDC implementation by identifying relevant tools, frameworks and lessons learned.
NAP Expo 2024: Delivering effective adaptation in NAPs
23 April 2024
The FAO, UNDP, UNEP and the NAP Global Network have co-organized a session at the NAP Expo 2024 to bring best practices from their respective NAP programmes and projects to showcase how the NAP process can drive transformational adaptation at the local, sub-national and national levels.
Financing adaptation at the sub-national level
29 February 2024
As part of its support to the UN Secretary General led Adaptation Pipeline Accelerator (APA) initiative, UNDP and UN-Habitat are organizing this knowledge exchange with the aim to inform participants about various adaptation financing efforts and opportunities at the sub-national level and exchange emerging experiences.
Building Effective Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Systems for Climate Resilience
22 November 2023
This webinar discussed the national and sectoral experiences on building monitoring, evaluation and learning systems, as well as global dimensions of gauging adaptation progress. With several countries advancing on their National Adaptation Plans, emerging insights were shared at the national level. Sectoral experiences and tools applied in agriculture were also presented.
Engaging the Private Sector for Adaptation
12 October 2023

Developing countries need an estimated US$340 billion by 2030 to adapt to the impacts of climate change (UNEP). However, only a small share of global climate finance is dedicated to adaptation ($46 billion out of $632 billion) and it is largely funded by public sources (CPI). Data on private finance for adaptation is largely missing; CPI estimates less than 2 percent of the total adaptation finance can be tracked to private sources. At the same time, WEF estimates the adaptation market could be worth $2 trillion annually by 2026.

Accelerating Adaptation through Financing Nature
07 September 2023
As part of its support to the UN Secretary General led Adaptation Pipeline Accelerator (APA) initiative, UNDP is organizing a series of knowledge exchanges on adaptation finance together with partners. These exchanges aim to facilitate knowledge exchange on accelerating adaptation through emerging experiences in developing countries, exploring available tools and methodologies, best practices and lessons learned.
Financing Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation
25 May 2023
The first webinar of the APA initiative aimed to inform participants about tools and resources that are available or could be adapted to help develop financing strategies for adaptation, and facilitate exchange of emerging experiences among country representatives and practitioners. We explored examples of financing strategies for NAPs, NDCs, and INFFs with examples shared from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Niger, Ghana, Maldives and more.