Development of Groundwater Management Strategy in Cambodia: Institutional Assessment, Capacity Building Plan and Proposed Key Components of Ground Water Management | 2020

Cambodia is considered one of the most water-abundant countries in Asia and has an economy highly dependent on water. However, groundwater management in the country is challenged by the lack of proper monitoring systems and regulation. This preliminary study was carried out to (a) dig deeper into groundwater-related issues in Cambodia, and (b) complete a capacity and institutional assessment on groundwater management in Cambodia, linking the roles and responsibilities of various government institutions stipulated in the disaster management law, water-related law/s and existing policies / national strategies.

The study concluded that the current status of groundwater in Cambodia needs to be studied in more detail in order to fully understand the combined functions of the level of water security and resources available in the country. The study came up with key groundwater management strategies in Cambodia, including setting up groundwater monitoring systems, addressing groundwater contamination, and establishment of a groundwater regulatory system in the country, combined with advocacy and multi-level and inter-ministerial capacity-building.