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Adapting Now for a Resilient Future

UN Climate Action Summit 2019
Our climate is changing. We are already living with 1°C of warming and every week brings droughts, heat waves, floods and storms. Lives and livelihoods are suffering. Existing and future development is at threat, putting the attainment of the SDG’s at high risk. Everyone stands to be affected, the vulnerable most of all. 
We need urgent and transformative adaptation and resilience building action now to protect our economies, and most importantly our people and planet. Action now is a moral imperative. It also makes business sense.
This is why co-leads Egypt and the United Kingdom, together with coalition partners Bangladesh, Malawi, the Netherlands and St Lucia, supported by the United Nations Development Programme, have developed a Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience.
The call, endorsed by 130 countries and 86 organisations and institutions as of August 2021, sets a new bar for ambition on adaptation and resilience. A new normal where we urgently deliver adaptation for the vulnerable and rapidly scale up available finance. A normal where we respond to the science and bring adaptation into the mainstream, calling on everyone to integrate climate risk into how we imagine and build our future.
Our Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience does not stand alone. It is underpinned by the commitments to the initiatives selected by the UN Secretary General and profiled at his Climate Action Summit. These initiatives include:


For endorsement confirmation or queries related to the Call for Action, please contact: Matthew.Dawes and Ahmed ElMahs.

  • SDG 13
  • SDG 17