Details and content from Madagascar NAP launch and Training Workshop

17 March 2015, Antananarivo - The NAP Launch and Training Workshop took place in association with the Government of Madagascar and UNDP from 11-13 March 2015.
NAP training modules jointly developed by GIZ, UNDP and UNITAR were utilized to support the training within the framework of the LEG Guidelines. The country mission was financially supported by the LDCF funded NAP-GSP as well as GIZ.
The training workshop  - led by UNDP -  focussed on the NAP process, use of climate information, and the economics of adaptation. Previously, a Government delegation from Madagascar attended the NAP-GSP / PAG-PNA Africa Regional Training Workshop in April 2014. 
Madagascar launched its NAP process in 2012 aiming to reduce climate vulnerability in the medium- and long term, and to integrate climate-related risks and opportunities into development planning and budgeting systems.




Last Updated: 5 Sep 2018