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Resilience actors from Asia showcase their pioneering solutions at the upcoming AVPN Conference


To improve dialogue and knowledge exchange and ensure greater climate resilience across the Global South, local leaders from the Asia-Pacific region will meet on 23 April in Abu Dhabi (UAE) for the UNDP-led session 'Scaling up blended finance for a climate resilient future'. The panel will be part of the AVPN Investors Conference, from 23 to 25 April. 

Organized by the Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), the conference offers an environment for networking, learning, and exploring impactful investment opportunities. Attendees can anticipate a diverse agenda featuring interactive workshops and engaging discussions led by experts and practitioners in social impact and sustainable development. Through these discussions, participants will contribute significantly to shaping a more inclusive and resilient future for the Asia-Pacific region and global sustainable development efforts.

The UNDP-implemented Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator programme (UNDP-AFCIA) fosters innovative adaptation practices at the grassroots level in vulnerable nations, supporting 44 initiatives in 33 countries. 

The UNDP-AFCIA programme operates within the framework of the multi-partner platform known as the Adaptation Innovation Marketplace (AIM). Launched by UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner in 2021, AIM is designed to advance scaled-up adaptation efforts at the local level, with a specific focus on civil society, non-governmental organizations, and innovative individuals from women and youth. The marketplace aggregates resources, expertise, and technical support to facilitate local access to climate change adaptation finance.

The panel will present innovative solutions from three UNDP-AFCIA local partners:

• Yayasan Komunitas Penjaga Pulau from Indonesia, focusing on restoring degraded environments for climate adaptation; 

• Footsteps Bangladesh, showcasing their Dreamwater initiative empowering women in flood-prone areas to provide clean drinking water through innovative portable filters; and 

• Foundation for Community-Soul, Thailand, presenting their Climate Smart Farmer Model for Mulberry Silk Cultivation to enhance traditional farming communities' resilience to climate.

This session will show how innovative financing mechanisms, particularly blended finance, can be harnessed to deploy community-driven, innovative, locally-led solutions to climate change on a significant scale.  Insights from the panel will encompass lessons from impact organizations on how innovative financing has facilitated the dissemination of localized climate solutions at scale.

Attendees will be able to explore blended financing frameworks and identify potential opportunities for leveraging innovative finance in support of climate resilience initiatives. 

The audience will also discuss strategies for unlocking the full potential of innovative finance in advancing climate resilience.

To delve deeper into these experiences, join us on 23 April 2024 (Dubai time) for an enlightening session:

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit the AVPN