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Equatorial Guinea

The republic of Equatorial Guinea is located on the western coast of Africa and includes a number of islands in the Gulf of Guinea, the largest of which is Bioko Island, to the north‐west of the mainland. The continental mainland of Equatorial Guinea lies low at the coast, rising up into mountains and valleys further inland. At latitudes of 1‐3°N the climate is typically equatorial with high temperatures, high humidity and heavy rainfall.

Average temperatures range from 23 to 25°C, varying little with season, but decreasing with altitude in the inland regions. The main wet season lasts between April and October, when the West African Monsoon winds blow from the south‐west, bringing moist air from the ocean. The wettest regions of Equatorial Guinea at these times are the coastal regions, receiving 250‐400mm of rain per month, whilst regions further inland receive 150 to 250mm per month.

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