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Slovakia has an air pollution problem caused by the combustion of fossil fuels used in the sectors of energy production, industrial process and transportation. The Global Environment Facility has funded a project which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of biomass energy in Northwest Slovakia. This project seeks to improve local air pollution and reduce greenhouse gases by replacing coal-fired boilers with boilers that use wood pellets. These pellets are produced from wood waste in the region which otherwise would be dumped in landfills.

Slovakia is in Eastern Europe and lies 48 40 N and 19 30 E. It has an area of 49, 035 square kilometres. Slovakia has cool summers and cold, cloudy winters. There are rugged mountains in the central and northern part of the country with lowlands in the south. Between the Tatra Mountains are many scenic lakes and valleys. The natural resources in Slovakia are brown coal and lignite and arable land which covers just under one third of the country.

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