Benin Ministry of Agriculture

  • Mission and Objectives:
    • To define policies relating to Agriculture, Breeding Fisheries, Forestry and Natural Resources, Agricultural Research, Rural Legislation, Rural fitting and Cleansing, Promotion of Rural Youths and Women Activities, Packaging of agricultural products and to other closely related sectors (Training – support and Counsultancy, Preservation, Processing and training of Agricultural products…) 
    • To follow up and co-ordinate the activities of other stakeholders involved in Agricultural and Rural sector. 
    • To create enabling conditions for enhancing agricultural incomes and the living conditions of populations by working out and implementing appropriate policies in order : 
    • To further technical progress in Farming, Breeding, Fishery and Forestry
    • To facilitate the exploitation of Natural and halieutical resources up to levels that satisfy the country’s needs and by abiding by ecological balances 
    • To a conducive environment and a legal, statutory and fiscal framework to facilitate investments in Agricultural and Rural sector.